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I trust Snape is a community for those Harry Potter fans who still believe in Severus Snape; for whatever reason, and for whatever theory. If you trust the Potions Master this is the place for you!

We've just opened and are adding new features everyday. For now, you can sign up on the Trust List to show your everlasting and undeniably correctly placed loyalty to Snape, and read a few Snape Essays on why we trust the man.

PS: In case you don't know, this site is full of spolilers. I would suggest running very quickly in the opposite direction if you haven't read the HBP yet.

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Updates - What's New?


Jul 21/07

I have opened up a section of the forums (registered users only) for the discussion of the Deathly Hallows, and Snape.
Come post your thoughts.

Jul 18/07

The time has come. By the end of this week, Harry Potter fans will have all the answers in their hands. Snape-trusters (nearly 2000 on the Trust List!) will hopefully be celebrating the redemption of their man.

However, there are some malicious people out there wishing to spoil the book for all of us. As the full text for the Deathly Hallows has been leaked, I urge you all to take precautions.

To protect visitors to this site, the forums have been locked today. A section entitled 'Post-Deathly Hallows' will open (viewable by registration only) on the 21st for discussion on the book. Please stay away from the comments section on this site in case spoilers are posted. As well, you will not be able to contact me until the weekend as I will not be checking my email connected to iTrustSnape.

Today I will close registration for the Trust List. I thank you all again for making iTrustSnape what it is today. Not long now!

Edit: Also, in the spirit of the book launch, I thought I'd show off a bit with my costume. :) I'm planning to go as a Death Eater (possibly not the costume to pledge my everlasting loyalty to Snape in)!

Here's my henna dark mark. You can see how I made it at this great site!

You can also see my mask here.

Have a blast with the Deathly Hallows everyone! I'll see you again on the other side.

June 17/07

We've just hit 1500 on the Trust List!.

Be sure to check out our forums for discussion on all things Snape-related! Will Snape live or die? Did he have crush on Lily Potter? Could there be the teeniest chance that Snape could be the True Dark Lord? (!?)

The new book covers have been released, and we are excited to note that Luois of Defogging the Future seems to have gotten one fearless prediction right! He had called the return of Norbert many moons ago. Being a great believer in Snape, we know that he will predict correctly again! He has kindly let us display his article on Norbert from his book, and you may read it here.


April 28/07

Hi folks! We have partnered up with one of our affiliates to spread the word about a new Snape-friendly book, Defogging the Future (if you had signed up on the Trust List, you have probably already gotten a notice about this!). If you're interested, take a visit to this page to view the email that was sent out to read an excerpt and find out where to order! All Snape-trusters get a free upgrade to Priority Mail within the United States.

Over 1200+ on the Trust List! It's not long now till the Deathly Hallows hit the shelves, and our man is redeemed!


March 3/07

We have two new affiliates on our links page!

As well, we have 800+ members on our Trust List!


Feb 16/07

Snakecharm from our forums very kindly donated some Snape Chibis for you to use! Take a look at the icons section, and spread the Snape love.


Feb 2/07

The Release Date for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is out! Visit our Icons section to get this nifty countdown for your site. There's also a Snape version for the brave of heart!


Jan 9/07

A quick post to wish Severus Snape a very Happy Birthday!


Dec 22/06

Though this is space is generally reserved for Snape-related updates, some things are just too large not to mention! If you haven't already heard, Rowling has released the name of the Seventh Book - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I've temporarily made the seventh book discussion category on our forums open to the public (ie no registration necessary) if anyone wants to post their thoughts! Visit and discuss here.

I also just wanted to plug a great book, with contains much evidence concerning Snape's 'goodness'. There are also tonnes of other speculations and theories that are definitely worth checking out! Take a look at Defogging the Future.

Merry Christmas everyone!


Oct 14/06

Great news! The Trust List is up and running again! The spammers have been cleared out and some changes have been made to the list to deter future spammers - mainly removing the website option and reversing the order of the names.

Also, our Forums now require registration to post. Please drop on in and share your insights!


Sept 23/06

Unfortunately, we have to stop sign-ups for the Trust List for the time being because of spammers. People advertising casinos, drugs, and jewellry, thought it would be a great idea to flood the Trust List with links to their website, over and over again. There's around 200 'fake' trusters on the list right now, and we need to get those removed before letting more people sign up.

I apologise to all the true Snape-trusters out there! People don't realise they need to grow up, and that advertising by taking advantage of a fansite will definitely not help their business.


August 12/06

First off, another essay! Sarah has kindly contributed The Case Against Evil to our growing collection. Check it out!


That's right folks! 200+ people are now on our Trust List. Head on over and Add your name!

Thirdly, remember to visit the newly opened forums.

Fourthly, a shout out to all the bears out there, who keep our forests free of fires. =)


August 4/06

This just in!

In a recent interview, Rowling has confirmed that Dumbledore is indeed dead.

"Dumbledore IS really dead. "Everyone needs to move through the five stages of grief" and get past his death. She also apologizes to DumbledoreIsNotDead.com for ruining the purpose of their site."

Does this fact change anything for Snape-trusters? Not really! We still have faith in our favourite Potion's Master. Check out some of our essays to see how Snape can still be on the right side, even if he had to kill off Dumbledore.

We've finally opened up our forums for discussion! No registration needed for now. View them here!

We are also VERY close to 200 people on our Trust List!


July 24/06

Erin has kindly donated an essay to the Why Trust Snape section of our site! It concerns the whereabouts of Voldemort's wand after he attacked the Potter's, and why Snape may have had a cruicial role in that operation.

"However, regardless of Snape's prejudice towards and verbal abuse of Harry, he has never physically harmed him, and has indeed interfered to protect him."

Read it here!

We know have ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY ONE names on our Trust List!. We're almost at 200 Snape-trusters! Keep it up and spread the word.


June 27/06

We are TWO names away from having 100 people sign our Trust List!

Thank you very much to Veronica for donating an icon! It's now uploaded in the icon section for everyone to use.

Update: I've also changed the badges in the icons section because they were a bit ugly. Here're the new ones!

Display em proudly on webpages, journals, and forums! Don't forgot to link it back to iTrustSnape.com. Help spread the word about Snape!


June 10/06

Our Trust List is growing every day! We now have 52 Trust-ies! Add your name now!

A whole slew of new affilites added! Check out their sites!

It's nearing exam week, but once I get over that bump I'll be adding new categories and stuff to do at iTrustSnape. Stay tuned!


June 4/06

46 people on the Trust List!

Added some images to the articles in the Why Trust section! Hopefully this will make it easier to read.

May 30/06

34 people on the Trust List!

I've added awesome stars:

at the top of each article in our 'Why Trust Snape' section. Now you can rate (just once!) your favourite articles.

Take a look at where iTrustSnape fans are coming from! The orange dots represent some visitors to this site.

Check out the links page for some new affiliates! As always, owl me if you have a Snape/Harry Potter related site to exchange links!


May 27/06

25 27 people on the Trust List and rising!

We've added a comment link to the bottom of each essay in the Why Trust section, and will being adding them to each new news post! Now you can leave your thoughts on the website.


May 19/06

Woah! What a jump! We now have TWENTY TWO people on the Trust List!

May 13/06

We now have seven people on the Trust List!

Icons are now available for your site! Show where your loyalties lie.

Links page has been updated with several Harry Potter and Snape-Friendly sites. If you would like to swap links, drop me an owl!

May 2/06

We have three people on the Trust List!

We updated the Why Trust section with five new essays! Thanks to the authors for allowing us to archive the articles!

We are working on the forums and they should be ready to go soon! Icons are also being made, and the links page is being compiled.

We have tons of other plans for this site so stay tuned!

Want to find some fun halloween costumes? Then check out these great Harry Potter costumes.

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